The science behind our tea rinse detox blends

Listen, we know we’re asking a lot of ya’ll, ‘deep condition, drink a gallon of water, extend this wash day into next week’... But, in the spirit of hair health - let’s talk about one more step that will take your routine to the next level: the tea rinse detox. 

Origins of the leaves 

All tea comes from leaves of the same plant camellia sinensis, an evergreen bush that grows in India and China. Yes - including white, green, oolong, black and, pu-erh teas. Oxidation (the process of exposing the leaves to oxygen), and the age of the leaves determines differences in color, taste, caffeination, and smell. For example, white peony tea (featured in our grow + retain blend) is made from young buds and baby leaves.

Impact on hair + scalp health

  • As an antioxidant, tea blocks free radicals and toxins from accumulating on the scalp and strands
  • It also has been linked to stimulating hair growth and reducing shedding (caffeine has been speculated to block DHT — a hormone that when produced on the scalp releases the follicle). 
  • Tea soothes scalp inflammation and itching, especially when combined with AVC to remove dirt and product buildup 

In short, less shedding, noticeably fortified strands, less itching and a soothed scalp.

Making the detox is easy

  1. Add 1tbsp of tea to 8oz of just boiled water
  2. Cover mixture and allow to steep
  3. Once cooled, filter leaves using a strainer (or remove muslin tea bag)
  4. Pour into an applicator bottle, use right away or store in fridge for 1-2 days

Application tips + tricks

  • Apply on clean hair/scalp in the shower using a squirt bottle to reduce mess
  • Use 2/3 of the mix on your scalp and the last 1/3 on your hair strands
  • Give yourself a good scalp massage to stimulate growth and lift buildup
  • Save time by applying a deep conditioner on top, then rinse out together
  • For a cleansing boost, add 2tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar (neutralizes scalp pH and removes buildup)
  • Try a cold rinse to close the cuticle - cool rinse in fridge a few hours before washing, apply after conditioning step to close the cuticle and leave hair shiny. Rinse one final time with cold water.