Our Planet Pledge

At Haiama, we seek to change the narrative around Black-owned brands and sustainability. In the US, there is a long history of racialization around access to and employment of green practices. Who says BIPOC folks don't hug trees too! 🌍

A few ways we are employing Earth friendly principles in our operations: 

  • Recycled paper and cardboard in shipping materials
  • Recyclable product packaging using aluminum and glass
  • Prioritizing suppliers/farms with ethical supply chains and certified Fair Trade business practices

    In April 2023, we launched a Glass Buy Back Program, where customers can send back their bottles and jars with a pre-paid shipping label. For more info, reach out to hello@haiamabeauty.co. 

    It's a higher economic cost to bear as a business, but the result is non-toxic beauty with proven results. 

    Here's to a Healthy You + Happy Earth.