About Us

A word from our Founder

In 2011 when I went natural, finding products that worked for my type 4 coils was a challenge. Most natural hair curly products were designed to work with all curl patterns, but left my hair dry, flat, or rigid. The products that did work claimed to be natural, but when looking at the ingredients they fell short. Fed up with the fake, I started making my own natural products at home, and have been perfecting my craft for over 7 years.

Our goal is to take what the food industry did for clean eating, and transform natural hair|skincare. Type 4 curlies deserve 100% natural non-toxic haircare solutions for soft, luscious curls without compromising nutrition and product purity.

I hope you love our products and follow along in our journey!


Allison (Founder + CEO, Haiama)

  • Type 4 | Textured Hair First

    Black haircare products have historically been toxic and at times, dangerous. The natural hair movement is not just about style--we want to provide non-toxic healthier options for kinky-coily textures. Options that will feed your hair and scalp, decrease shedding, encourage growth and thickness.

  • Plants are Powerful

    Using ayurvedic and herbalist remedies, each ingredient is chosen with the purpose of maximizing nutrition. No fillers, synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and many more. The more raw the natural ingredient the better it is for product performance and for your health.

  • Ethical Supply Chain

    The beauty industry needs a makeover. We believe in empowering the communities and environments where our ingredients come from -- this means ensuring fair trade, organic farming techniques, and working with local women of color suppliers, like our cupuacu from Brazil.